Dahua Human Temperature Detecting Thermal Device

Dahua Human Temperature Detecting Thermal Device

Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution

Some Key Features are::
1. One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person
2. Multi-person detection simultaneously
3. Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
4. Immediately alarming to notify operators
5. AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources etc.

Epidemic Period

  • Railway Station
  • Airport
  • School
  • Hospital

General Period

  • Entry and Exit
  • Kitchen
  • Kindergarten

Human Temperature Measurement

Preliminary Screening

  • Low efficiency of thermometer and infrared detection gun Manual temperature measurement workload, high risk
  • Non-contact automatic temperature measurement Accurate, fast and multi-person detection
  • Manual recording is inefficient
  • Personnel information collection is difficult
  • Record abnormal temperature information automatically
  • Collect abnormal personnel portrait automatically


High Accuracy

±0.3℃(with blackbody

High Efficiency

Non – contact temperature detection, quick screening Long distance, wide coverage and multi – person detection

Low Cost

Automatic early warning mechanism, saving a lot of  manpower and reduce the risk of cross-infection

Strong Adaptability

Applied to small scenes such as entrances and exits Large scenes such as airports and railway stations with dense personnel

Dating Back

Realize the historical data backtracking, data analysis and so on combined with the platform