Dahua Smart Express Logistics Solution

Dahua Smart Express Logistics Solution

Dahua Technology, as a pioneer of smart logistics, is striving to inject new technology and vitality to the modern logistics industry.
Smart express logistics solution focus on 3 scenarios and 4 objects in the express work flow, it brings four values to logistics customers, less labor, higher efficiency, higher quality, more security.
3 Scenarios
▶ Warehouse Center:
– Provides warehousing service that can be operated by e – commerce or logistics companies.
– Picks goods according to order information, pack and sort them to different couriers.
▶ Pick up/Deliver Station
– Franchise or operated directly by logistics company.
– Performs basic sorting and collection.
▶ Distribution Center
– Usually operated directly by logistics company.
– Located in key transportation cites.
– Sort parcels and transport them to different destinations.
4 Objects
▶ Parcel Management
▶ Personnel Management
▶ Site Management
▶ Vehicle Management


Solution Overview

Solution Details

Warehousing Center

Pick up Deliver Station

Distribution Center

Key Technology

Visual and AI Technology Make Objects Visible and Tracked• Barcode Number
• Plate Number
• Personnel Face

Parcel Tracking Solution/ One Barcode, Multi VideoOne barcode, Multi video” combine the barcodes with the surveillance video to help logistics companies track parcel’s status, find the cause of the issue…

Logistic DWS Reduce Labor and Improve Operation Efficiency• Strong Intelligent Algorithms
• Reliable Industry Camera Products
• Flexible Customization

Full Integration and Openness for Cooperation• Dahua DSS supports integration of all the products,
fulfilling central management.
• Open for integration with customer‘s ERP, CRM,