What is HDCVI?

What is HDCVI?

What is HDCVI

HDCVI Overview

High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI), Dahua’s in-house technology with patented Intellectual Property Rights, is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video standard that allows long-distance HD transmission at friendly cost to meet the requirements for complex and large installations.

HDCVI technology provides complete end-to-end solutions for upgrading traditional analog systems seamlessly and for building reliable high definition video surveillance systems. As ‘High Definition’ indicates, HDCVI technology features high resolution of 4MP/1080P/720P and even up to 4K, leading the pace of the market to meet customers’ increasing requirements for higher definition. As ‘Composite’ indicates, HDCVI technology transmits video, audio, data and even power over one coaxial cable according to signal modulation/demodulation and equalization technology. HDCVI surveillance system inherits all advantages of traditional analog surveillance system, especially ‘Simplicity’, which means Plug & Play, using existing cabling, compatible with different video formats etc. Furthermore, HDCVI technology enables long transmission distance up to 1200m, making system deployment more adaptable and flexible.

HDCVI Roadmap

HDCVI was launched in November 2012, and Dahua released the first generation of HDCVI products in 2013, including a complete product portfolio. By 2014, a second generation of cameras and hybrid coax digital video recorders (DVRs) was launched along with “HD-over-coax 2.0.” By the first half of 2015, Dahua had increased transmission distances and brought full HD solutions to the entry-level series which means redefining the admittance criterion of HD over coax market and leading more customers to choose higher resolution surveillance systems. Dahua’s solutions are designed to be scalable and modular to provide flexible configuration options. At the very beginning of 2016, Dahua is ready to push HDCVI technology one step further with “HDCVI 3.0”. This dedicated revolution features 4 attributes, namely full compatibility, ultra HD, intelligence and simplicity.

HDCVI Openness

Dahua advocates openness as a tool to “evolutionize” the coax industry and bring value to customers. HDCVI was conceived as an open system, and Dahua has broadly shared technical information and related protocols to encourage widespread use by third-party manufacturers. Dahua advocates product interoperability and seeks to provide the world’s leading HD-over-coax solution. Since its official launch in 2012, more than 200 global partners have joined Dahua’s HDCVI Academy, aiming to jointly accelerate HD development.