Dahua POE Switch

Dahua POE Switch

Dahua POE Switch | HANGZHOU, China/February 10, 2017 Unsmooth video and long delay are very common problems in the CCTV IP project. CCTV IP network is different from traditional data communication network. It requires high performance in terms of “delay”, “Packet loss” and etc.

Dahua Technology is a world-leading advanced video surveillance solution provider with depth knowledge in video surveillance system. Dahua PoE switch is specially designed to suit video stream characteristics and solve the problems aforementioned.

Characteristics of Dahua new 16/24-Port PoE Switch

Recently, Dahua has released new 16/24-port PoE Switch:

PFS4218-16ET-190/240 (190W and 240W optional)

PFS4226-24ET-240/360 (240W and 360W optional)

These 2 PoE switches are specially designed based on the rich experience in video surveillance system, which are ideal for video transmission.



1. PoE Management

There are 2 main features:

1) PoE Setting

PoE Setting feature allows user to reserve some power manually through the web management interface, which can reserve power for those IP cameras which need extra power at some time, such as IP camera with IR feature which requires more power during the night.

Moreover, it also shows the real-time power consumption.

2) Green PoE

Green PoE feature allows user to set a schedule for PoE consumption, which allows PoE switch to provide power in certain period. For example, we can set “9:00 to 21:00”, which means PoE switch will provide power from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm and will cut the power supply outside this time period. It will save energy.

2. Long Distance PoE Transmission up to 250 meters

Regular PoE transmission distance is up to 100 meters. But PFS4218-16ET-190/240 and PFS4226-24ET-240/360 can realize 250 meters PoE transmission through simple configuration in the web management interface. It will save much cost in SFP module and also optical fiber (including the cost in installation).

3. Power Usage Indicator

The power usage indicator in the front panel can show the current PoE consumption of the PoE switch, which can help you determine whether you can connect more IP cameras:

50%: means the total PoE consumption is below 50%

80%: means the total PoE consumption is between 50%-80%

100%: means the total PoE consumption is between 80%-100%

4. Hi-PoE

Both PFS4218-16ET-190/240 and PFS4226-24ET-240/360 have 2 Hi-PoE ports, which can provide up to 60W for Hi-PoE Dome Network Camera.
Common Features of Dahua PoE Switch

Besides, Dahua PoE switch has clear advantages in the following aspects.

1. High reliable components

Power, switching chip and PSE chip are key components of PoE switch. Dahua PoE switch uses components from world-leading chip and power manufacturers which ensures the quality and reliability of the switches.

2. Non-blocking video transmission

Video stream characteristic is di¬fferent from the ordinary data stream. Sudden increase of video stream brings high pressure to the data forwarding of PoE switch. The flow control function of Dahua PoE switch is enabled by default and large hardware buffer can best ease the sudden data peak and smooth the video stream.

3. Industrial-grade design

Dahua PoE switch is designed to work under extreme environments, such as wide temperature range and lightning environment. Dahua PoE switch can reach lightning protection common mode 4KV and differential mode 2KV. Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) is performed to ensure the high reliability and long life time.

4. Video pressure test

It is important whether a switch can handle big amount of video streams in video surveillance. Rich experience in video surveillance has enabled Dahua to design and manufacture the best switches for video surveillance. At the same time Dahua switch has passed the high video pressure test in minimal 200 IP cameras test environment which demonstrates high product reliability.(Source)